Scope of Homeopathy in Managing Asthma

Gravity of the illness- Asthma, is one of the commonest seen immunological disorder in people of all ages. Cases from all over the globe have been reported. Almost 250 to 300 million people all over suffer from this.


What is Asthma

It is a chronic inflammatory disease of the respiratory system, in which the airways of the lungs get affected and narrow down over time causing a range of respiratory problems. Presenting symptoms include, recurrent episodes of wheezing, chest tightness, cough and shortness of breath. Although asthma can be found in all age groups, its roots are tracked down to childhood.

Airways are tubes that carry air in and out of the lungs. In a person suffering from asthma, these airways get hypersensitized leading to inflammation, making it swollen and sensitive. Inhaling certain substances which the individual is sensitive to, can cause the airways to contract or tighten up leading to narrowing, and resultant difficulty in breathing. The release of mucus secretions from the cells can further aggravate and worsen the condition. Symptom intensity varies from mild to moderate to severe. Overtime, asthma if not treated can worsen leading to frequent asthmatic attacks and may need emergency care during intense reactions


What can cause Asthma

Various environmental and genetic factors can cause asthma. Not to forget also that exposure to various irritants and allergens can also trigger allergies and give rise to acute signs and symptoms. This varies from person to person.

  • Airborne substances such as pollen, dust mites and pet dander can be a source of trigger

  • Respiratory tract infections- cold and cough

  • Exposure to windy draft of air/smoke/chemical fumes

  • Intense physical activity

  • Medications like- aspirin and beta-blockers

  • Continued stress and strong emotions- emotional/psychological

  • Preservatives like artificial colors and emulsifiers found in food and beverages

  • Acidic conditions like reflux


Symptoms of Asthma 

  • Coughing, (common time aggravation- morning/ night)

  • Chest tightness/constrictive feeling or pressure

  • Wheezing sound (on inhalation and exhalation)

  • Shortness of breath (dyspnoea)

  • Stiffness/Tightness of the neck and chest muscles (retractions seen in chronic cases)

  • Anxiety/Panic feeling during the  acute attack

  • Cyanosis in extreme attack (bluish discoloration found on the lips and fingernails)

The above can be indications for diagnosing Asthma, however it is essential to consult a doctor to get the appropriate understanding of the condition. One may also need to undergo various investigations and lab tests to confirm the diagnosis as suggested by the doctor. Lung function tests and allergy tests are commonly carried out.  Once confirmed, get treated to avoid further worsening of the condition.


The best way to treat this condition

There are various modes of treatment available in today’s time, no doubt all have their own benefits and help in alleviating the condition but asthma being an immunological disorder, comes with an interplay of various genetic factors, for which we need to treat it from the very root of the person. Homeopathic medicines work at the immunity level and strengthen the body’s defence mechanism which  also helps fight the allergens causing allergies, thereby removing the tendency to develop signs and symptoms.  Being a holistic form of treatment, it considers the individual as a whole (mind+body). Medicines are prescribed after a detailed case- taking session during which we go to the depth of the individual to understand him and who he is and what exactly is the cause for the external expression of his complaints.

The medicines help decrease the frequency of acute attacks and also the duration and severity of the condition.  Asthma usually starts in the childhood age and progresses as the person ages, hence it is preferred to treat it at the start to avoid progression and worsening of symptoms. Acute asthmatic attacks can also be managed efficiently with homeopathy if approached in time. Homeopathic medicines are safe and made from natural substances; hence can be consumed by people of all age groups without any side-effects or after-effects.